SYRUP BAR LONDON Terms & Conditions
  1. Be the sole provider of alcoholic drinks at your event.
  2. All hires are subject to a £100.00 deposit, refunded within 7 days of hire.
  3. Any events canceled will lose their deposit. Due to the likely hood of us turning away bookings as there are a limited number of bars we can provide per day.
  4. All hires must have cleared payment before the event.
  5. No Licenses will be applied for if the deposit has not been received with correct reference as outlined in the booking confirmation, and our offer of service will therefore be withdrawn. This is unless we have specifically agreed otherwise.
  6. There must be suitable access to the site with parking for a vehicle and trailer or a Luton van.
  7. All our bars operate under the Licensing Act 2003, and all relevant restrictions will be upheld.
  8. These include: no sale of alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 or anyone that is excessively drunk.
  9. Reserve the right to serve drinks in plastic glasses if the mains water pressure is less than what is required by our glass washer.
  10. We reserves the right to charge £4.00 per absent guest if significantly less people attend throughout the event times than the minimum you have stated.
  11. Any damage caused to equipment while on hire is payable on return to Syrup Bar London Lost equipment shall be charged at list price.
  12. If problems arise due to the application for Temporary Events Notice, Syrup Bar London will not be liable to pay compensation or damages.
  13. Any cancelations within 30 days of the event will still be liable for full payment unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  14. Payments by Credit Card will incur a 3% fee.
  15. We reserve the right to cancel any booking due to force majeure.
  16. Any payments made by the Syrup Bar London for fees relating to event pitches are done on a loan basis until the event is complete.
  17. Failure to make payment before the event will incur a 10% fee unless waived in writing. Failure to then make payment within 7 days will result in an additional 20% fee being applied.